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Born in Melbourne Australia Andy’s inspiration begun at the age of 16 with many of the 60’s pioneers such as Jimi Hendrix & Neil Young. It was the ability to express through improvisation that began a lifelong love of music.

After immersing himself in the rock band culture of the 80 & 90’s as a rock guitarist it was in 2010 that he discovered his one true calling. Two “Sliding Door” moments. An accidental conversation with legendary jingle songwriter Paul Meaney and his words of wisdom “instead of re-arranging songs already written, why not write your own” Then some career defining advise from Australian Blues legend Geoff Achison “if you really want to play the blues just do it”.

From rock covers to contemporary blues songwriter, the transformation began. Drawing on a myriad of life experiences Andy began building a compilation of song ideas and grooves that has developed into a song-writing funnel that continues to this day.

Releasing his first studio CD “CHANGE MY HAT” in June 2014, Andy tested convention by presenting this body of acoustic blues music with “Cello” and it worked. Change My Hat achieved airplay from over 30 radio stations Australia wide, and peaked at #9 in the August 2014 Australian Blues and Roots Charts.

“MAD TIME” CD followed in July 2015 exploring a balance of electric and acoustic styles with an eclectic approach to song arrangement and groove. Never being scared to take risks there’s some featured cello, trombone and toy piano along with Andy’s traditional guitar and harmonica. “Mad Time” won acclaim with radio presenters internationally achieving #3 in the September 2015 Australian Blues and roots charts.

“ON THIS ROAD” (EP) September 2017 is Andy’s latest release signifying the beginning of a new musical chapter with a primary focus on injecting energy and groove into the writing and recording process. “On This Road” captures a myriad of emotions about modern day living blues and some lighter personal touches with songs about mates. “On This Road” achieved #2 in the September 2017 Australian Blues & Roots Charts and had airplay overseas from countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, France & Italy.

In addition to song-writing and recording Andy also performs regularly with his 3-piece band the Andy Layfield 3 (trio) at venues and festivals throughout Australia.

Now well known as a talented songwriter, there is no sign of slowing down with Andy looking to release another CD in 2018.